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Privacy Policy


Muneris Media (the software provider and developer) and Nardonnes Baywood collects and stores order information such as name, email, phone number, and in some cases billing address to improve user experience by using data to understand how users shop with the overall goal of improving user experience. We also collect order information such as items purchased, amount paid, and settings chosen. Neither Muneris Media or Nardonnes store credit card payment information or any information having to do with credit cards. Information input in the credit card field area is not stored, even if it overlaps with other stored information, such as address or zip code. In other words, we only store information in other fields.



For credit card processing, this service uses Stripe for all payment gateways except for cash (3/17/2021) and credit card processing. For any questions relating to Stripe, please refer to their website and customer support. Muneris Media nor Nardonnes will not field any questions relating to credit card processing, and will redirect all questions to Stripe.


Redact my information

If you’d like Muneris Media to remove your personal information (Name, Phone, Email, Address, etc) from our database, please reach out through our email: booking@munerismedia.com
or our phone
Nardonnes does not have the capability of processing information redaction requests. Please reach out to Muneris Media for information redaction requests.
Muneris Media will not redact order information requests — information like items ordered, amount spent, and date of order is not considered personal information and we will not redact this information.

We will not redact information for orders in progress. The order must be closed for 3 days before an information redaction request can be processed.


Opt-In Programs

Nardonnes Baywood may offer Opt-In programs for marketing or product information purposes. You will not be opted in to receive any emails, texts, or phone calls automatically. Muneris Media will not offer any opt-in programs. If you would like to opt-out, follow the 3 step process:
1: Ensure the program does not have an automatic opt-out button or function. If it does, select “opt out” or similar.
2: Contact Nardonnes
3: Contact Muneris Media


How is my information used and stored?

Muneris Media or Nardonnes will not sell your information to anyone for any reason. Muneris Media is not a data company. We don’t sell or process data to others, and only use it internally to improve user experiences across our software and share it with the relevant party. If you suspect your information is being sold, please reach out to Muneris Media immediately.

Muneris Media shares information with Nardonnes that will help them improve their services — for example, Muneris Media may provide information about which food item is the least profitable or least sold item to help them improve how they do business. Customer information is not sold to Nardonnes for the sole purpose of selling data, it is provided to help them understand their business better.

Muneris Media stores customer data (again, no payment information is ever stored) with Amazon AWS protected by SSL. Amazon AWS is not susceptible to data breeches of any kind, and SSL is an internet standard for data transfer security. For more information, please reach out to Muneris Media.


How can I get support?

For all restaurant related issues, please reach out to Nardonnes. If you had a problem with your food, were charged incorrectly, or any other food pertaining issues, contact Nardonnes. For basic fielding questions, please reach out to the restaurant.

For feature requests or bug fixes, please use our built in functionality. Muneris Media will not field these requests directly — as much as we’d like to — we simply don’t have the time or resources.

For database issues, information redaction requests, concerns about privacy or about the technology, please reach out to Muneris Media.


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